About Us


Our purpose is to help provide meaningful biblical studies both for the new believer and long time members of the Christian faith. Included with this are challenges and responses to so-called orthodox views on the Bible when they are in error. While there is no end to biblical and apologetic websites, they rarely differ in either their approach to exegesis or their conclusions. ScripturalTruths aims to look past the accrued creed and dogma of traditional biblical interpretation, provide a different perspective by genuinely striving to let the Bible speak more clearly.

We are committed to listening to the Scriptures in all humility, letting the evidence lead where it may. This is not to claim that we are free of presuppositions and biases. Ours is a working and provisional understanding of the Bible. More than that, we fully anticipate that some of the positions and arguments presented here will need to be revised or even abandoned. Nevertheless, it is our hope and prayer that some of the information provided will be useful to those who are likewise committed to Scriptural truths.